Returning after a pause

Hello reader. I've taken a much needed pause from freelancing and I'm happy to write that it's time to get back to work. During my break, I did squeeze in a few very neat design projects. It's difficult for me to turn down work, especially as a mom with young children, because my work makes me feel good about myself.

At the same time, freelancing also makes me feel terrible because perfection is impossible. There's no perfect project or client or day or outcome. There are no guarantees that even my income will be spent well or invested wisely. Failure is inevitable and in fact, it's invaluable. 

Why is failure invaluable you ask? Well, as I've sought to find the best balance of life, work, love, and family - I've more consistently failed more than I succeeded. And, I now have 3 sets of eyes (my three little boys) watching me fail. So I've asked myself, if I'm failing - is my life valuable? The answer is yes. It's very valuable to the 3 sets of eyes watching me. They need to have a category for failure. They will be in my shoes soon enough. We're Christians, and believe that failures do not negate our value to God. This concept challenges me, so I know it will challenge them. 

It feels very good to be 'back'. And I hope it goes well. And when it doesn't, the experience will be invaluable. 

I worked on a cattle ranch logo for a friend during my break, have a look at our first draft below. A lot of the ideas were supplied in sketches by the client. Can you guess which one was just recently turned in to a cattle brand?

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I recently ran into one of my favorite reference websites for print product sizing,, while google searching #10 envelope dimensions. After 10+ years of landing there via google, I finally bookmarked it. For your next print project, whether it be a CD carrier or web banner, I recommend viewing die lines and samples at designers toolbox. If you're in need of 'dummy text' they also have a thorough lorem ipsum generator.


Jessica Hische is know in creative and commercial spheres as a letterer, illustrator and type designer. Though I never saw these ads in print, her illustrations for Starbucks showcase incredible ability to bring words to life via typography. Jessica's portfolio is downright amazing. You experience words in as touchable, sometimes tasty, and swirling in motion. 

Jessica's work inspires me to take a second look at the client supplied word document and consider more fiercely the tools I have to tell a bigger story.

Enjoy this post? Link Love: Design gallery underway to debut this Fall. 

P+D Wedding Program

Thanks to bride and groom, Patrice & Derrick, I had another opportunity to design a wedding program. Patrice described her style as vintage, pink, soft and delicate. She showed me samples of her wedding invite and guestbook which featured birch tree & name carved elements. The final booklet complimented their sunny outdoor ceremony beautifully.