Potty Chart

My first experience in potty training taught me a valuable lesson as a new parent, 'share tricks.' After two failed attempts with my 3 year old, a good friend set me on the right path with proper literature and sticker chart/positive reinforcement endorsements.

In preparation for son #2's training, I re-designed my first son's sticker chart. For David, we simply used two pieces of paper and wrote 'Pee' on one and 'Poop' on the other. They were taped up in our bathroom for about 3 weeks.

Let me share this 'trick' with you! Click to download the hi-res printable.

Handmade Christmas Gifts 2013

Here are a few of the christmas gifts we gave this year and their 'recipes'. Two of the gifts were inspired by my friend Hana, and the generous gift basket of goodies they brought us. I have loved the homemade lotion bars and coffee sugar scrub and agree - they're easy to make. 

I made these gifts over a 3 week period and kept them out in cute containers in the meantime. It's less stressful to take time to make them, especially if you're wanting to incorporate family helping. 

Making something is one way to say, “I love you.”
— Daniel Tiger


All Natural Lavender Lotion Bars

Heat water to prepare to double boil your mason jar mixture. Combine beeswax, shae butter, coconut oil & lavender in the mason jar. As the water heats, before it boils, hold the jar over the water and begin to stir. It's okay to set the jar down into the pot and wait until the contents begin to liquify. Heat and stir until liquid is completely clear.

Pour clear liquid into the silicone molds slowly. Let sit in a cool place for up to 2 hrs. Knock out each lotion bar and continue to store in room/cool temperatures. 


Coffee & Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

Increase portions as needed. I increased by 4x to fill 12 4 oz. mason jars.

Mix coffee, liquid coconut oil, and olive oil and let sit one hour so to cool. Add in sugar, mix and distribute into jars & label. 

I would advise gifting this with a small scoop because the scrub becomes very firm after siting for a bit. 

Gold Glitter Magnet Clips


Pull tape to measure the front of 1 clothespin & cut. Peel adhesive off of tape and carefully place on to clothespin. I recommend measuring tape to each clothespin before you cut since pin size varies slightly. Adhere tape to each pin. 

Clip all pins glitter tape side up on to a cardboard sheet (cereal boxes cut open work well) about 1/2 inch apart. Then flip over and get out glue & magnets. 

The Super magnets are very strong and want to stick together. So, I recommend dotting glue on the back side of the clothespin at the trench that hold the end of the metal spring. The magnet will bond to that metal piece & hold on to the glue well. Glue and place magnets on one at a time. 

Let dry 1 day. 

Clip on to your holiday card or to a gift ribbon to save on packaging. 


25 Puzzle Snowflake Ornaments

  • About 150 white or light blue (sky) puzzle pieces 
  • 50 1.5"x1.5" white foam (or paper) squares
  • Martha Stewart Glitter Glue (or any gummy glue) w/brush
  • White Glitter
  • String for hanging cut into 5" pieces

1st Layer:  Brush each square with glue and layer on 3 puzzle pieces in a triangle shape. Continue on 1/2 of squares (25 squares). 

2nd Layer: Dot glue on the back of a puzzle piece and build a 2nd triangular layer on the first. Continue on all 25 ornaments. 

3rd Layer: Get out remaining white squares and paint one at a time with glue. Place the ends of the string for hanging on the glue square. Adhere to the back of the ornament. The string ends will be sandwiched in-between the two white squares.

4th Layer: Brush all ornaments with glue and glitter them up! Glittering them one by one in a bowl reduces mess/waste. 

Sunbursts & Ruffles


I searched 'Parisian chic' and bumped into this full house blog. 

Here's the full house blog tutorial for making newspaper mirrored sunbursts. Lovely.

I also searched tutorials on ruffle pillows and found this ruffled pillow tutorial. I used it to make a pillow for my sister recently and it was pretty simple. The nice thing about working with ruffles is that they don't have to be perfect to be pretty.