Wild Winter

I knew that bringing another baby into the Grant home was going to have it's challenges. Parents have asked me, 'How is it having 3?' Recently I answered, 'My life is over!' but I realized, after reading the distressed looks on the parents of two precious little girls, that I should have added a disclaimer. We absolutely love our three little men, but this winter has been, to put it kindly, wild

Hudson was born December 5th of last year. Between his birthday and this week, there have been at least 10 doctor's visits, 6 instances of puke, 2 medical procedures, 2 hospitalizations, and probably 50+ social plans (including Christmas, New Years and Super Bowl) cancelled or rescheduled. I realize with 5 [weakened] immune systems susceptible to various bacteria and viruses, total family health and happiness is a lot to ask for. When I was in the hospital with Hudson for RSV over Super Bowl weekend, the visiting pediatrician told me that she and her 3 kids only make tentative plans November-March. We will too. 

On top of illness, Winter is our indoor season and that is tough for three little men and one mama. I've given in to mattresses, pillows, blankets, and toys taking over any area of our flat at any time. However, these actives that burn energy for littles burn free time for mom. At the end of the day I joke with my husband Tripp, 'well, the nanny showed up today, the cook showed up, but unfortunately that darn maid hasn't made it here in days.' Add illness and canceled plans, and our indoor season was largely spend in 1600 square feet of my domain. 

With one baby, I was lucky to have about 4 hours a day of nap-time free time. With a toddler and a baby, that went down to about 2 hours. Now with a preschooler, a toddler, a baby and sometimes a sick spouse, nap-time free time is a mythical creature. 

I wish I could speak to growing our family under normal terms. But really, what is normal in a home with more little people than adults? I speculate that the third addition brings us all through wild seasons. Here's to hoping for a sweeter Summer.