While you were feeding

When I feed my infant, my 'hands are tied' and I'm unable to do other things. While this is good news for Hudson, my infant, it's even better news for his older brothers. Hudson is almost 3 months old and by now these events have taken place 'While I was feeding'...

  • Both couches are dismantled and turned into giant beaver damns

  • All containers of toys are taken to the 'garbage' in the corner of our living room and dumped

  • Dining room chairs are used as step stools to retrieve contents from the kitchen cabinets, mainly carbs

  • Water color paint is applied to various clean surfaces in the home; cabinets, newly painted walls, cheeks and hair.

  • Plastic animals are piled into the hall bathroom for a bath, sometimes the bath runneth over

  • My two year old acquires new battle wounds

  • Whole outfits, including socks and shoes, are removed and replaced with capes, gorilla feet, or nothing at all

  • Paper shreds, freshly shredded, are danced and frolicked all over the place

Basically, while I feed my infant, my two sons have the time of their lives. OR at least they do until someone's bleeding.