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Our family relocated from Chicago to Tennessee this past Winter. It was an incredibly difficult decision. We felt committed to raising our boys alongside friends in our one-of-a-kind urban neighborhood. I was also so fortunate to have my siblings and six out of ten of our nieces and nephews living in state. Yet, the needs of our family were pressing hard against the walls of our home. We began dreaming of a home that could hold us, literally and figuratively, and we wanted Tennessee. 

Tripp and I met in Tennessee, he grew up here. We attended Belmont University together. We got married and had our first home here. Every year, for the past 9 years, we've driven down to Tennessee to visit family. 

Last Fall, Tripp received a job offer from a company in South Nashville and we started our move. As difficult as it was to make the decision, it was more difficult saying goodbye. So many tears, and so many broken hearts. Ours, our friends and our family's. 

We eased slowly into our life here as Southerners. Although, we've landed in an area of largely transplants. (Truthfully there's nothing southern about my family except for my Husband.) First, we lived in a two bedroom temporary apartment with wonderful amenities (dishwasher, washer dryer in unit, on site workout facility, and forest). We watched the Cubs win the World Series and Trump win the presidency during those two months. Before Christmas, we moved into our house. Around this time, we had three dear friends from Chicago visit as well as my parents. 

Becoming Southerners (which my children may do, and my husband is, but I aspire to be) has not been as easy as pie, but proves incredibly sweet. We have found a place that holds us. We are Christians, so we attribute all gifts to God. We believe that God gifts are different for us here, than they were in Chicago, but that they are so good. We appreciate that hills roll in the distance and that the boys can watch turkeys gather in our backyard. We love, love, love, love the food. Parking for free at the Zoo by the entrance and bumping into friends is wonderful. I pick up eggs from a small farmer in the mini-fridge on his porch and leave cash. I do feel things move slowly, and right now I love that. We're outside a lot, finding A LOT of bugs, and riding a lot of bikes. The latest gift that keeps on giving in our neighborhood school. That's a post for another day. 

We're 'pinch me' thankful.