Baby 3, what will you be?

The third Grant baby is due early this December. Tripp and I had hoped we'd expand our family once more by the end of 2014, and God willing, that hope will come true. This past week I had a doctor's appointment which revealed how seriously impatient I am about the gender of this baby.

Eager to know what this next little Grant will add to our life. Will there be more wrestling or more ruffles?

Eager to know what this next little Grant will add to our life. Will there be more wrestling or more ruffles?

I desperately desire a daughter, but in recent weeks I've felt more peace about adding another little man to our band of sons. Tripp and I have chosen the name Hudson, after the famous missionary to China, Hudson Taylor. In choosing that name, I felt even more excitement about the possibility of a third son. 

At my last appointment, I had been preparing to see the baby once again in an ultrasound to check on a minuscule pregnancy issue. I asked Tripp to take time off work and join the boys and I at the doctor's office because I felt we'd be able to determine the gender. The boys played with dinosaurs and ate snacks for a good while before I put it together that I'd not yet been called on by the punctual ultrasound tech. I asked the front desk admin if there was infact an ultrasound with my appointment today. To which she responded, 'No, we don't do ultrasounds on Fridays.' My appointment had been incorrectly entered into their scheduling software and today I was just due for a heart-beat check and blood draw. 

In response, I cried and made everyone around me confused and nervous. I told Tripp to take the boys home and had the admin searching through her calendar to get me in for an ultrasound ASAP. Seeing no openings in the next few days, she advised me to talk with the OB to determine whether or not I actually needed to return for an ultrasound. Tripp assured me he and the boys would be happy to wait. 

The appointment was uneventful and I scheduled the official 20 week gender revealing ultrasound for July 14th. 

Whether it's due to hormones or too many hours of creating the perfect barbie family in my childhood, I now see how ridiculously impatient I am concerning events in my future. Today it's baby gender, tomorrow it could be church or preschool. It's always something.