Hudson is here!

In just a few days Hudson Joseph Grant will be 4 weeks old. Here are photos from the day after Hudson's birthday.

These last 4 weeks have been very full. Each day that we feel somewhat closer to 'normal' something happens and we're woken up to the reality that is 3 young children. To kick-off our first day home from the hospital David was throwing up all night. Three days later Judah followed suit but thankfully, it was during the day. Hudson's 4th day of life he absolutely would not breastfeed and I took to pumping and tearfully problem solving. Between now and then, Hudson's visited the pediatric dentist 3x to address the tongue and lip tie issues that prevented him from nursing. Thankfully, we've had great success. We celebrated Christmas at home with just our family of 5 and due to David being sick yet again, we'll celebrate New Years at home as well. I was looking forward to laying low, and in a way I got my wish. 

We have had amazing meals provided by very good friends here at our church. One of which included elk! For those of you reading who have given of yourself for our family during this time, whether it be prayer, correspondence, christmas presents, food, babysitting, or visits - you are absolutely treasured by Tripp & I.