Parenting with Salt


About two years ago when my sister in law was expecting her first daughter, we had many philosophical discussions about parenting. A few controversial topics came up - whether or not to breastfeed, ideal time to introduce a bottle, co-sleeping vs. infant sleep training, best swaddles, date nights & traveling, and maybe a few more. I remember my sister in law having a strong stance on one of those topics which contradicted choices I was making. 

Instead of defending myself and my continually evolving parenting philosophies (due to trials with errors) - I confessed that I used to say the same thing, but I'm now eating those words. In that moment of volurability I tried to paint a different picture of parenting for my soon to be fellow mama, saying: 

"As a parent, you're going to need a lot of salt because you will be EATING YOUR WORDS all the time."

I'd probably have forgotten this specific bit of advice along with other bits like, 'to combat picky-eating, let your toddler eat at his own little table [which leaves him untrained for all proper table scenarios]' except that she's reminded me of it a few times. We laugh about how our little ones have us eating our words all the live long day. 

Wouldn't cute little salt jars make an intriguing baby shower gift? The tag might say, 'Parent with Salt and savor the times that precious new person has you eating your words and tasting grace.'