By Hand

Hand lettering and hand drawn illustration is glorious in the context of graphic design. I've squinted and looked closer at so many beautiful logos and headlines looking to 'name that font', only to conclude they have been made by hand. Minna May's portfolio is an inspiring breath of fresh air. 

I have a few projects in the wing that are opportunities for hand lettering. Here's a quick play at LAGC... hmm.. this is not going to be easy.

Side note:

A friend of mine, Molly Z, hand draws all of her illustrations. Her process includes brainstorm sessions with pen and ink line drawings and moves on to other mediums from there. She talks eloquently about inspiration and final application in this video. Molly's art is one of the best kinds - public art. Visit her murals around our neighborhood, Rogers Park, under the Metra tracks at Morse and under the El tracks at Northshore. 


LAGC drawn.png