Meal planning

So I'm going to give a serious go at meal-planning this week. Grocery shopping has been a challenge for most of my life. Student, single, living at home, living with roommates, married, living with a man and now kids... no season of life got easy enough for me to feel like meal planning just 'fit in' with ever thing else.

To top it off, I'm incredibly foolish when it comes to budgeting for food - I generally prefer to eat what I want, whenever I want. Unfortunately, not only is this philosophy not working for me, it's not working for my wardrobe. If I continue this way, I'll loose more money on food and clothing that a woman with a working brain and a degree should! 

So now instead of waiting for meal planning to 'fit', I'm just going to give it a try this week. Using this free printable below, I'm hunkering down and heading to the store in the morning.