Working tricks


Let's learn from this highly effective gal.

I've found a few tricks to getting more work done at home.

First, one must have a desk the size of a door. Then one must plan to work at their computer through meal times. The larger the desk, the more food and drinks you can fit, the less you have to get up and stop working.

Second, don't start a blog. Don't get a Facebook account or sign-up for Pinterest. Ah, and don't follow other blogs and certainly don't read controversial articles. If you don't start these things, then they won't compete with your working at home. If you have already started them... remove them from your bookmarks bar, and phone.

Third, and final trick, strategically ration all children's movie and tv watching to the exact times that you sense you'll need to honker down and crank some work out. Make sure they're among the 'favorites' if you're about to take an important client call.