The difference a sister makes

I never used to refer to my girlfriends as 'sisters' until I met Clare Weaver. She would always sign emails, 'love you Sister!' And I always felt so touched that she referred to me as a sister. Having a younger sister, the title denotes a world of responsibilities and commitments. I often have the feeling about my sister that we'll make it through thick and thin. Through the good times and through the bad, no matter what - we will be sisters.

When Clare called me 'Sister,' it actually changed my entire perspective on friendship. Clare is intuitively helpful and caring. So redefining friendship as 'sisterhood' included service and self sacrifice. I can name many dear sisters in my life, near and far. 

Clare got married two weeks ago, Saturday, April 26th, and it was a wonderful time celebrating my dear sister with fellow members of our family.

Talk about sisters, I love these women.