Paris in Love

Our apartment has been overrun with contents from our storage. We're working on shelving. Since signing another year at 6511, we're feeling optimistic about making the space 'ours'. Today however, Tripp and I are both feeling down as we maneuver between piles of stuff and laundry. Oh, so much laundry. We made the mistake of tackling laundry this same weekend as organizing storage. 

All this to say, I've started an audio book to redeem cleaning. I love, love a memoir. Or really, I love, love a memoir about a woman and her life that is both lighthearted and rich. Two of my absolute favorites are written by Jeanette Walls, Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses


I'm thinking about writing a memoir of some sort. Maybe even one that I write my whole life. If I had something like that from my great aunt or grandmother, I think I'd treasure it. 

The audio memoir I'm 'reading' is called Paris in Love. When I listen while cooking I feel like I'm in my Parisian kitchen.