Dinosaur Crossing


Ever since little Ezra Herzog and his Family spent a weekend with us this past winter, David can be found running up and down the hallway saying "Super, Coming!" This activity was inspired by caped Super Ezra who lead the way up and down our long hallway proclaiming, 'Super Heros Coming!' Which was exactly right, because both he and David were coming with gusto and capes.

Today, and actually most days, David has been notifying everyone that 'Dinosaur Coming!' Sometimes there's a dinosaur in his hand, sometimes, he's letting us know that a Dinosaur will be coming through the back door or front entry. Subsequently, our apartment must be a high-traffic dinosaur crossing and I think I should probably put up a sign for the moments David isn't on guard to notify.

On another note, the dinosaur population at 6511 has been expanding thanks to recent arrival of a few ex patriots from 1233 Arthur. Kira had originally filled her Christmas tree with these dinosaur folks, and since January we've been seeing more and more migrate our way. David is definitely thrilled about this development and hopes the living conditions continue to be inadequate for the remaining dinosaurs at 1233.