The entertainer! The drama king! Boodie! D! David.

David is growing steadily out of this 18 month (yes, he's 30+ months) clothing and passing them right on down to Judah. He's filling out his size 7 shoes and using the words 'thank you!' and 'please?!'. His talks mostly about fruit snacks, Harper's house, bath time and fish, and Judah's behaviors and needs. Oh and 'Moomies!' David can't get enough of movies these days. After newborn time with Judah, I threw out all rules of movie management to give myself a break – therefore David is well versed in the lives of Big-bird & Elmo, Gullah-gullah, Pokoyo, Little Bear, Kipper, Wonder Pets, Nemo, Princess Aurora, Lady & the Tramp, Horton, the Lorax and of coarse Super Why. 

David is sweetly affectionate and intensely stubborn. He sings Sunday school songs at the top of his lungs. When left alone, I often catch him leading a 'circle time' with either his animal figurines or just Judah. He'll incorporate tambourine and lead music time singing, 'Jesus loves me...' or 'Dinosaur big!' (My God is so big is the actual song). Even though his understanding of God is on par with dinosaurs, it's a precious time for all.

With David, I've always looked forward. Infancy was so tearful for him, I remember looking forward to nap times and bed times. Then when he'd sleep, Tripp and I would talk about his cuteness and sweetness. I have most looked forward to this current stage of verbal expression and independent play. He's a joy to watch. Right about now, I'm feeling ready to freeze time.