Wisdom from Albania


This past year, we've had the privilege of getting to know a family in our church who used to live in Albania. The mother and father are our parents' age, and their four children are grown and in their 20s. We're still so grateful for their friendship and example.

Recently, Tripp has been helping a lot at church at while our Pastor spends precious moments with his very ill father. It's been a more realistic glimpse into pastoring than Tripp had anticipated. So, I reached out to our friends who worked in Albania and asked the mom how to incorporate children into all the work.

I was so generously met with rejuvenating words. She reminded me that children are a KEY part of our ministry. They are important and including them in as much as we can only helps them understand Christian life better. She shared wisdom from another mom saying, 'Always talk to your children in the attitude you'd like them to have about their parents serving. On an occasion where they miss one parent, say, "Isn't it wonderful that Daddy can help 'John' tonight?" She admitted that this attitude was hard to maintain at times where her patience was tried, especially special events for the children. I was reminded that children are flexible and if they must have an activity they've dreamed of postponed, they will be fine. Or better, they will learn flexibility. Their daughter shared that she wasn't sure how her parents kept up all the ministry work, but she always felt they did so much as a family. She didn't feel slighted, but she also didn't feel like she was the center of their universe. They talked about everything.

The reminder that David and Judah are a KEY part to our ministry, an important example of serving Jesus,  blessed my heart unspeakably. As David's become entirely mobile and now conversational, I've not been sure what to do with his wiggles and my desire to meet with women, design for church or host small group. Looking reflectively on my week, I am noting that I do have quite a few women that will not only come visit, but do my dishes or play with my kids.

I think we might just be on our way to family ministry...

Tonight I just told Tripp too, that he should be ready to say to David, "Isn't it wonderful that Mommy can help the women of RPCC as she goes away on a retreat this weekend?" No better time than the present to apply this wonderful wisdom.