Aubrey Eileen Bobbitt


Our precious little niece is born to the wonderful new parents, Lindsay & Brock! Here are some pictures that were taken by friends and sent to us. Sadly, we won't be meeting Aubrey in the sleepy newborn phase of life, but rather hope to visit near the 3 month mark - a phase I do love.

After having two little newborns, I have a more well defined understanding of the context of hospital room photos. They appear so peaceful and serene to the viewer, but in truth everyone present is 100% new to the role they're playing. What we view as a perfect photo is in truth a first run practice through the parenting script that was just handed to mom & dad. Fumbling through new words and definitions, reading the same lines over and over to try to understand meaning, Brock and Lindsay are learning and seeing life in a totally new way.

Meet Aubrey Eileen, born December 16th