Swaddle Stories

Swaddles are a science and each experience has been unique:

#1 Woombie

Used for Judah age 1 week through 3 months. Kept him snug as a bug and allowed for lots of wiggling and mummy pose with hands up by face. He did take on the challenge of busting out by grunting himself to sleep. Only criticism is that the woombie has to air dry and takes multiple hours, so if you only have one like we did, better be prepare to rock or swing for a couple hours. (Just got this adorable ruffle one for my niece.)

#2 Miracle Swaddle

Used for both David and Judah ages 3 month - 5.5 month. This swaddle blanket has multiple panels sewn in at the arms to tie them down and to his side by tucking over arms and under the back. Feet are fairly loose within swaddle foot pocket and therefore acts like a transition to being swaddle free. David took weeks to make the final transition out of this snug swaddle, napping with one ligament unwrapped until all ligaments were free. This transition time was not easy, so I would caution parents to only use this swaddle if you're desperate for long stretches of sleep. Get them in the sleep routine first, then try to get them out of being in the miracle swaddle.

#3 Summer Infant Velcro

Used for both David and Judah newborn and home from the hospital. The velcro is strong enough to keep a sleepy newborn wiggle in. However, once both boys figured out how to get their hands up by their faces the naps were over. I've seen where these are available for car seats and feel that is brilliant because they lullaby of the car should keep them dozy enough to lessen wiggles.

#4 Aden & Annias Swaddle Blankets

Used for both David and Judah NOT as an independent napping swaddle but just as a blanket to sleep in warm arms. I actually feel this is one of the best newborn blankets because it's so large and light you can wrap a newborn very snugly as well as coolly cover up to breastfeed (tuck an end of the blanket under bra strap). And of coarse they are oh so stylin'.

#5 Carters Recieving Blankets

Used for both David and Judah. With David we swaddled him in these for much too long. Since he had reflux and fought sleep, we would swaddle him up with these stiff blankets and tie them in a knot behind his head. The tying was demonstrated to us by our pediatrician and actually helped David to begin sleeping on his side. The receiving blankets were so stiff that they kept him tightly snuggled, legs up and all. David began breaking out of these swaddles around 3 months and Judah never slept well in them, that's why we transition to the Miracle Swaddle.


Overall swaddling has helped us establish good nap and night sleeping habits even though it took longer to reach our goal of free-movement-self-soothing-sleepsack/sleeper-sleeping. Whatever works!!