A Beautiful Baby Bobbitt Shower

Saturday, September 22, we celebrated my sister Lindsay's little baby girl due to arrive mid-December! She's an adorable little pregnant lady and showered her guests with notes of love. Before gift time, Lindsay gave each woman in attendance a notecard with an encouraging word on how she's been touched by their lives. My sweet feisty little sister is now a thoughtful, intentionally loving mother.

Cherri, Lindsay's mother in law and one of my favorite women, hosted and decorated so beautifully! Note the lemons and limes in the vases as well as the buckets of cupcakes. The experience of celebrating this little girl together was nothing short of lovely.

Lucky for us all my Auntie Cheryle, who pours out love for her nieces, was also able to join the party from Arizona. She was Judah's snuggle buddy and teamed up with mom to give Lindsay her very favorite gift - the BOB jogger. Auntie Cheryle stayed 2 weeks so we got to spend lots of quality time together. Between chasing after David and feeding Judah that is.