Judah's first day

We've had Judah in our arms for 2 weeks now. The details of his first day are precious to me and I wanted to share them here before they blend in with the foggy blur of newborn days.

Judah was born on Friday, July 13th at 11:46am at Prentice Northwestern Women's Hospital downtown Chicago. Thursday evening after an exhausting day of flu I, Laura, could not have gotten to the hospital faster for my 39 week elective induction. Our appointment time was 12:30am on Friday morning, and Tripp and I wanted to head down as soon as my parents arrived at 9pm. Thankfully Food Network had a decent show on, Chopped, and we were entertained through departure at 11:45pm.

This birth experience was so different from David's from the start. Arriving at Prentice, I checked in at Triage and was directed to take myself to the 8th floor via elevator. No rush and no assistance. Once escorted to our delivery room and hooked up to the necessary labor inducing drugs, Tripp and I still had the birth-day jitters and couldn't believe we'd be meeting Judah soon. We though surely at sunrise.

Around 4 am, contractions were starting to pick up. The doctor on call was Dr. Katz, which was a blessing since I'd seen her the most during office visits. Her sweetness and professionalism were just what I needed to keep a light heart in anticipation for Judah.

As 10am passed, Tripp and I had watched in completion Cars 2 and Mars Needs Moms. 

Finally by 11:15 Judah was born before Dr.Katz had to hit the road! At first glance, I saw that he looked just like David. At 7 lbs 1 oz and 20.5 inches long, he was one sweet baby boy - not sure what happened to the ninja baby of my pregnancy.