Evanston Farmers Market Walk

This weekend, we finally felt relief from the 100+ degree heat! Lindsay, my sister was in town and staying with us a couple days, so we spent our last Saturday before Judah arrives at running final fun errands. We started at the Evanston Farmers Market and picked up an expensive load of produce. Funny thing, starting with produce made for very quick trips following so as to prevent the produce from 'cooking' in the back of the RAV. Our 2nd stop was a tick off my shopping 'bucket list' as we popped into the T.J.MAXX in Wilmette. I have been dreaming of that store for years, imagining rich North Shore treasures at affordable prices. Lindsay got me two sets of cupcake liners for my birthday there, and it was onward to Target.

The true blessing of shopping before a newborn baby arrives is the freedom to take time to move at a leisure pace. No baby napping/crying in a moby, no breastfeeding in the last row of parking lots, and no tears. Ha! Hold on a second! Shopping before a newborn arrives with a toddler is no leisure event! Tripp did his best to entertain David in the toy section while my sister and I moved quickly through the kitchen goods. David left with a stack of mini playdoughs and Tripp got a pack of gummy bears.

Having Lindsay with us, I asked her to capture this special Saturday out and here we have it!