35 weeks with Judah

Today marks the 35th week of Judah's pregnancy and I'm feeling much more at peace with a possible 4-6 weeks ahead. Discussing a 39 week induction with my OB this Monday, which would seal the deal at 4 weeks. 

To capture life before 2 children, I wanted to record the routine events of this morning. Woke up at 6:30 with the sun. I heard a soft 'hi' come from David's room. I responded with a winded hop up from the bed and went on to the freezer to heat up blueberry pancakes. Our fridge is almost empty. 

Tripp woke up while I prepped breakfast and soon came in for morning hugs. To which I said, "you know what would make me feel loved right now?... If you got David up and changed his diaper." Opening David's door, Tripp was greeted with a smile and the proclamation, "poopoo! I down!"  I was glad to have dodged that one and went on to make coffee.

Before Tripp left, I asked him to take a photo for my Auntie Cheryle. That's the photo here that I brightened and desaturated on my photoshop app so as to not look like a pink morning monster. I sent it on to my aunt with an explanation for the black and white appearance, knowing she'd prefer to see myself as I naturally, beautifully am. 

I'm quietly sitting in our playroom writing while David watches his morning movie that happens to be Wallace & Grommet. This is a typical morning as a family of 3. These days are numbered.