Do you have your flour bucket yet?


Photography from Storybook Woods, a blog I've not read until borrowing this beautiful picture from.

Considering the other homes I 'grew-up' in, I remember Meghan's. I remember sitting at her kitchen island and chatting with her parents or one of her 3 siblings. There was always lots to be said, laughed about and always motion. Her kitchen was inviting and well equipped for baking, yes they had a flour bucket. It was as if Meghan's mom planned to that her kitchen was a gathering and creating place. From what I've observed, almost every of their 4 children have baked something incredible that I've tasted. This was Meghan's mom's talent and her gift to her children. A gift that gathered... I loved it. I loved that this home of 4 children (all 2 yrs or less between them) worked together to make delicious memories, traditions and holidays. Oh the holidays! I almost always must ask what their culinary plans are for holiday meals, they're always detailed and sometimes hilarious.


Maybe 2 years ago

I don't remember the context of the conversation but it went like this...

L- 'Meghan, I love your family. I think of your family often when I consider how I'd have my own'

M- 'Oh yeah? That means so much to me.'

L- 'Truly, when I think of my aspirations for a family, I dream of having 4 kids and a flour bucket in my kitchen.'

M- 'Haha, that's awesome, can I tell my mom? She's sitting right here.'



2 weeks ago

We were sitting in the Harner's living room, their entire house glowing from the 'staged to sell' decor touches. I sit down in an adorable newly reupholstered armchair with birds on the fabric and David is playing with Meghan's dad and their friendly yellow lab, Callie. We talk about the nearing arrival of Judah and Megan's mom says to me:

D (Donnie) - 'So have you gotten your flour bucket yet?' 

L- 'I haven't but I'm close! I've finally started baking more regularly'

We joked about how Megan's dad didn't hear us right and then the conversation moved on. Meghan's parents have their house on the market and their ready to move on to the next adventure of retirement in their home/project in North Carolina. I remember when we were in college Meghan made jokes about how her parents were 'training' at home doing sit-ups and push-ups to prepare for their vacation to Italy. That is just how Meghan's parents have always been! Fun and adventurous, including the whole family or taking time as a pair.

When I envision home and one being filled with children, I see so much creativity, motion, and cooking that we simply must have a flour bucket.