Boy, oh boy

I can hardly concentrate at this moment because I want to tell the world about our 2nd son, Judah Tripp.

Let's rewind to 12:10 today...


My generous father with incredible timing asked if he could come spend time with David and I this week. So, today I drove solo to our 20 wk. ultrasound appointment. Arriving at the Women's Group of Northwestern Northbrook Office 30 minutes early, the very sweet ultrasound technician took me right away. I told her that I expected my husband soon and said we'd start with logistical measurements. To which I responded with a text to Tripp saying, 'They took me right away, get a move on! Love you :)'.

My mind kept danced between naming that sweet little baby on the screen Anne or Judah. Having seen little boy parts before in an ultrasound, I did have my suspicions...

Finally, at about 12:30 Tripp arrived in a rush and we listened to the baby's steady heart beat. The technician took advantage of the baby's ideal and calm position and continued to measure heart and organs. By the time we arrived at the gender reveal, she had assured us that this baby was a beauty inside and out. She asked us, 'Are you ready to see what this baby is?' To which I replied, 'YES, though I'm really thinking that I'm seeing a boy here.' She responded, 'Well you're right, you've got a little boy.'


Judah's profile up close

A LITTLE BOY!!! JUDAH!!! I could not have anticipated the excitement and love that flooded my heart for my son Judah. I teared slightly and Tripp was even surprised at my enthusiastic emotions for our boy, our boy! In my heart, I had told myself that a 2nd boy would be awesome but a girl would make me feel like I'd won the lottery. I had planned to decorate Judah's room in black and white buffalo plaid and Anne's in cherry red gingham. People, I've never been so excited about black and white buffalo plaid in my life.

This past week, I had two dreams about meeting a little baby boy named Judah and today my dreams came true.

Now will be the hard part, waiting to meet him. With David's pregnancy, I savored every minute because I didn't know what it would be like to have a baby. Knowing the incredible meeting face-to-face that lies ahead in mid-July... I just want it to be mid-July. That and who wants to be pregnant for another 20 weeks?!

Our ultrasound tech ended up giving us about 20 printouts of Judah, so hopefully we'll get to posting them soon. Don't you just love that round baby belly?