Iced Coffee in January


oh people, if only this stuff came out of faucets!

The past few days have felt so uncharacteristically warm, I've strolled with David sans gloves, hat and zipped coat. Mind you, I've worn the mega winter coat because I just don't trust Chicago winters. Yesterday was a good day for a few reasons...

  1. Jan 10 - high of 52!
  2. With baby #2's pregnancy I've had no taste for coffee, until today and went for a Starbucks iced coffee (which is much cheaper than hot cider and hot chocolate).
  3. That iced coffee was so delicious and pared with it being 'clean the house for Tuesday root group', I had one productive day.
  4. David's officially down to the one nap a day routine, if he can keep his wits about him. So, I finally got a chance to catch up on some freelance work for a good solid 3 hours.
  5. Finally, on top of the productive day I was fortunate to have dear friends, Emily and Sara, arrive early to Tuesday night Bible study. Thanks to Emily's generous dish washing, our kitchen was not a pile of dishes per the usual! I could go on, thank you so much ladies.

This was NOT a normal day and productivity has been very difficult the past few months due to fatigue, nausea and laziness. I am thankful for this good day, knowing that it could set the stage for good days to come.