Christmas in Jackson 2011

We're sticking to our usual road-trip Christmas, but cut the stops short to only Jackson, Mississippi this year. Driving down, we stopped 6hrs into the night (by midnight) and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and I have never thought I'd be so thrilled to see a hotel bed! Poor David started the trip with a double ear infection, but was a surprisingly content backseat rider both ways. I thank those who remembered to lift up our road trip to the Lord - safe and success!

We stayed with Grandmama this visit, due to David's early bed-time and our love to party with the family. And I mean the whole family, 88 year old Grandmama Grant included! We enjoyed her dear company, encouraging conversation and of coarse - sweetly (I'm talking candy, cookies and cake) generous hosting. I regret that I didn't get more photos with those that we love to spend time with in Jackson, but let me name them here by order of appearance: Uncle Jerry and Aunt Olivia who beat us first place to Jackson by 2 hrs; cousin Jerry who David loved to be loved by; sister Seale and her ever familiar family warmth; bro-in-law Matt and his manly presence; Grant, Stephanie & Addison who have all become family I love to chat with; David, Kelly, Cole & Noelle a growing family I can relate to; and finally our beloved Grandpa G and Mimi who completed our Christmas with more cheer than we could have expected! I've said before and I'll say it again - this group is incredible gift givers and as I find homes for each gift in our home now I'm absolutely thankful. I'm thankful for the thoughtfulness but more so for the memories of time with our precious family.

Till next year in Jackson...