Campin' Coffee


Of coarse you've noticed by now, but coffee and it's nostalgic deliciousness is very important to me (us really). Now there are other members in our family who's love for coffee surpasses mine. I believe this person begins their day with 3 cups... or 1 pot. I love a visit with Tripp's dad for that added benefit. 

Now, this past weekend we went camping with dear friends and here are the coffee photo shoot highlights. At the end of the trip, I had made a fresh pot of coffee - that no one wanted to drink. So, I dumped it all in my nalgene and brought that goodness home with us. Drank it this morning and thought, ain't nothin' better than campin' coffee. I share this thought with a fellow drinker and she agreed.

And of coarse one happy campin' couple photo.