A Series of Fortunate Events

Just last Wednesday, after much discussion with real estate attorneys and respected friends, Tripp decided that we'd payed our last mortgage payment on the condo. Our property was 1/3 it's value and abandoned by management for the foreseeable future. We could not continue to 'stick it out' with our family's safety and financials at risk. Foreclosure, here we come.

Immediately, I spotted a 3 bedroom apartment 2 miles south of our hood and made an appointment. It's a vintage 3 flat and the entire 2nd floor would be ours. We'd be saying goodbye to in unit washer/dryer and dishwasher, but the neighborhood is safe, strollable and more near to friends and church. In truth, this move would give us a fresh new start in many ways.

So begins the series of fortunate events...

Monday, 5/16 - 9am

I received a call from the landlord that we could sign a lease that evening.

Monday, 5/16 - 11:30am

Tripp received a call from Stericycle that he would be starting his new job as 'strategic sourcing analyst' on June 6th.

Monday, 5/16 - 12:00pm

I received a call from my boss that she had spoken to our landlord to verify employment. She was confused because she knew we owned a condo and was calling to see if I was okay (I had taken a personal day that day). She graciously talked with me and we agreed I would freelance from here.


Closing on our condo - 11/2008


Looking back, we absolutely regret the decision to purchase our condo. Looking forward, we could not be more hopeful. This is our series of fortunate events.