Who do you think you are?


As life events in our family, and others, are unpredictable and unexplainable I feel God teaching me a humbling lesson on who I am. Could it be that God is actually in control of all the events in my life? Even the difficult ones? I see it was that way for Jesus, so why do I think I should be spared hard times?

I love the humbling passages in Job 38-41. When I first started reading it I thought, 'Wow, Job was such a good guy, and God let him have it!' Then after I re-read multiple times 38:v1-3, I thought, 'What did Job say to set God off like this?!' And then I saw it... Job 27, 28, 29, 30, and 30 contain Job's defense. Later, young Elihu says in Job 32:2 that 'He (Elihu) burned with anger at Job because he justified himself rather than God.' The following chapters in Job are Elihu and God's response to his defense.

This gives me chills...

Who do I think I am? How am I defending myself to God?

 I am thankful that God is merciful to hear me and hold me through all trying times. He never leaves nor forsakes. Even when I make my defense that I deserve something. His plans are higher (read Job 38-14) and more perfect that I can see.

Who am I? I am my God's and He is mine (Song of Solomon 2:16). I can trust Him in the good times and in the bad, trusting that He is in control of the storms and the celebrations.