Heigh Ho

It's off to work I go! I would like to thank everyone for their prayers for my return to work, I can feel God's peace in my heart today. Still for some reason I couldn't get to work on time, read about our first days...



Day 1

David woke up right on-time at 6am and was fed and out the door with Tripp by 7:15am. My enormous coffee and I made it out the door not on-time by 8:20am. (Thank you to my dad and sister for lending us a car so that I can drive to work and have extra time in the morning.) With only 30% staff in the office, we celebrated one of my long-time coworker's last day with company lunch and cupcakes. After lunch, I received a precious text from my friend, David's babysitter. It was David with a big smile sitting in his bumbo with the message, "Happy Boy!" I wanted to be with that happy boy, but I was so thankful that they were doing well. By the afternoon,  I was reminded how much I enjoy this art-department. We tackled a few projects, and the day quickly sped by.

Day 2

David got out the door a little earlier, getting into the routine easier. Yet, I somehow got to work even later. Took the morning time after the boys left to work out and felt refreshed even from just 20 minutes of elliptical. In the office today I was able to clean up and get organized. Still only 30% staff in, which has made for a low-keyed and quiet return to work.

On my drive in yesterday I savored the new sense of freedom in going back to work. I'm enjoying this new time of flexibility to run errands and go out to lunch with friends. Without hesitation, I would trade that freedom to be with David. Trusting God's providence, I know He has orchestrated the path of my life and David's and we are right where we need to be. I couldn't be more thankful for my dear friend Norma, and all the encouragement and prayers.