Thankful for...

Family, friends, 5ks!, dairy, and puzzles. This year we gathered at my parents home again to celebrate the most delicious holiday of the year.

Tripp and I began our holiday on Tuesday, bringing David and his gear for one long sleepover. On Thursday, in keeping with tradition, Tripp and I suited up at 7am for a chilly 5k with Brock and Lindsay and the rest of athletic Naperville. It's exhilarating to hussle with fellow families before the big feast, however the exhileration only lasted about 1.5 miles before Tripp and I took a shortcut back to the car. Better luck next year. 

Our friends and family stretched two full tables this year. Having cooked a lot of the sides prior, Mom and Dad were able to focus on the turkey and it was INCREDIBLE. Thanks to Ina Garten and her inspiring use of truffle butter, that Turkey was the best. I had taken a 3 month break from all dairy, so coming back to unrestricted eating just in time for Thanksgiving was amazing. 

Aside from eating, there was some serious puzzling going on in the basement. Brock had picked up a 1,000 piece puzzle at walmart, but having had the sales associate get and put it straight into the bag, no one was to have the ease of looking at the cover. With the collaboration of an engineer, analyst, accountant, teacher and manufacturer, the puzzle was complete that evening.

This holiday was also marked by David's first meeting with his Aunt Cayte and Uncle Jacky. I've never seen him warm up to a person so much as his Aunt Cayte, but since I believe they share the same eyes, that's just expected! 

This was our niece Grace's first thanksgiving as well, and she just gets cuter by the holiday. Also, mom has a new Keurig which Tripp and I both feel is awesome.