Gracie D is 1 year old!


Our little niece, Gracie D, turned one year last week!


She's the cutest one year old little girl I know and her parents, John and Ashley, gave her one sweet birthday party last weekend.


I wanted to share pics from the day taken by my sister in law's brother in law, Shawn. A day celebrating with family is a reminder of all the support we have as new parents. There are


three babies in the family now - Grace, Eli, and David - and that means three first-time moms. All the women on the D side are dear to my heart and no matter what stage of life, we're tied to one another as sisters in Christ.


Then there's the men who keep us grounded and yet turn to mush over these sweet babies!

We got Grace a set of pjs from old navy and the handmade stuffed owl. Ashley made incredible

chocolate candy cane cookies

from a pioneer woman recipe. She also had out snowflake sugar cookies, icecream and cherry cupcakes.


To make the cherry cupcakes, start with a white cake mix and add the juice from the Maraschino cherry jar... oh dear, I can't really remember the rest. But the icing was regular vanilla just tinted with food coloring and maybe chopped cherry bits.