Christmas Road Trip 2010


Two holidays, three destinations, ... one Toyota Corolla... 1,850 miles. We're borrowing my sister's car, a 4 door Corolla (4 doors!!!), and packing up to hit the road just a couple days before Christmas. First stop, Jackson Mississippi to spend Christmas weekend with Grandmama, Mr.Grant and Lynn, Sister Seale and Matt and allll the rest of the wonderful Grant family. Then it's on to Chattanooga (Hixon) Tennessee to see Sister Cayte and Jacky in their new home. Which is conveniently on the way to Gatlinburg Tennessee, where we'll ring in the new year with friends Jon + Clair and Chelsey + Taylor (and Hammy cat). Chelsey's parents have a cabin in the mountains with just enough space for a memorable New Year's gathering.

Now... I hope we survive to post pictures and stories from this adventure.