Morning coffee


is so much more enjoyable in a cup and saucer. Which if your a kitchen dish connoisseur like me, you have ample cups and saucers. Our Seattle friend, John and his wife Kara, recently came to visit and introduced me to the idea. During morning coffee, John grabbed four white coffee cups and saucers of my kitchen shelf and filled them with incredible steaming Seattle coffee. Tripp said, 'You really like those cups, huh?' To which John replied that he preferred the smaller cup which he could refill often with warm coffee. Brilliant. I'm converted.

I must also add, that I had a similar discussion with my fellow mom friend, Katheryn. When sipping room-temp coffee at 4pm, I commented that I had already microwaved that cup at least 2 times since the morning. These days with growing distractions, David, it can take a whole day to finish coffee! She laughed and totally agreed with me. Maybe all the more reason to enjoy coffee in a small cup and saucer.