I am Laura Grant, solo graphic designer for L.A.Grant Creative. My family and I recently relocated to the Nashville are in Tennessee. 

Life and work converge in my living room, so it seems fitting that my life and work are both represented here. Please read more about me or scroll through my notes, so we can get better acquainted. 


From Nashville
to Taipei
and then Chicago

I am a visual problem-solver. I've worked in design since 2003 and I've loved it.  From team player to team lead, I've gathered a breadth of practical creative experience. I've worked with clients in industries including: academia, sales, finance, photography, commerce, fine art, ministry and matrimony. 

I love my community here in Chicago. Design has been a vehicle to serve and connect. Regardless of budget, design is important because people are important.

It's my ongoing priority to follow trends in photography, color and typography. I work to keep client materials looking fresh and relevant. Scroll down to view samples.






Rogers Park
Chicago, IL


Programs I like

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop